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Sky and Aerolíneas Argentinas signed and alliance


The agreement among the second major Chilean airline and the Argentine company will allow passengers to plan their flights using the routes of both companies.



An alliance to share destinations and to facilitate their passengers to travel using the routes of both companies, established Sky Airline and Aerolíneas Argentinas. 

Both airliners were implementing several weeks ago the agreement before they announced the decision to reach an alliance to share destinations. 

Jürgen Paulmann, president of Sky, who already had explained his desire to search for international partners to extend the airline’s destinations, made clear that the alliance "allows to plan flights from any point of Chile to any point in Aerolíneas Argentinas route map and they in turn can sell our destinations, because they combine: They come to Santiago and later (passengers) continue with us", declared.

An example is that during April both airlines have a promotion that allows a couple to travel from Santiago towards Buenos Aires, buying tickets in Sky Airline.

Paulmann rejected that the now state-owned Argentine company could turn out to be a "troubled" associate. "They always have given a good service, they had conflict regarding other aspects. This allows us to open possibilities and not to be so locked up", said Paulmann. In fact, Sky's controller said that it was not difficult to come to an agreement because there was mutual interest to extend their destinations without flying them with their own airplanes. The agreement allows to sell e-tickets and to promote programs as a whole.

Paulmann added that, besides the agreements that they could sign with foreign operators, the Chilean company remains interested in obtaining frequencies to Lima, Perú.






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