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International Arrivals

All passengers with passports form Albani, Australia, Canada and Mexico must pay a

reciprocity tax before entering Interpol control.






Any inquiry can be made at Cashier Boxes.
Telephone number (56 2) 2690 10 63

Once the Entry Reciprocity Fee receipt is attached to your passport, you have to proceed to immigration control.


To enter Chile, all passengers must check first at the International Police control and show their identity documents (identity card or passport) and the stamped visa (depending on the country of origin).


Immediately afterwards and once (Continuously and once) finished the migratory control, the passengers will accede by means of the Shop of free sale of taxes, up to the Room of retirement (withdrawal) of equipajes, to continue with the controls of Customs and SAG.



Passengers are allowed to pay no taxes or customs rights for all goods that are considered as passenger’s luggage. The concept of “luggage” involves:


Travel articles (suitcases, bags, personal effects), clothes or accessories, electric personal effects (alarm clock, camera, typing machine, portable calculator), not new and that are proper to the use and normal needs of the passenger carrying them and which are not for sale.


Objects considered for the exclusive use of the passenger, as long as they have been used already, are portables, for manual use, of simple manufacture, that need no installation for its normal use and that belongs to the profession or working activity of the passenger.


Up to a quantity not exceeding 400 units of cigarettes, 500 g of pipe tobacco, 50 units of cigars and 2,5 liters of alcoholic beverages per adult (older than 18 years old).

Expressly excluded from the "luggage" concept are:
House furniture.
House goods, crockery, linen and paintings.
Musical instruments

Devices, spare parts and electric/electronic instruments.
Office equipment.

To see form Pays Duty - SAG



At the moment of entering the country it is necessary to declare the entry of the following products:


Milk, butter, cream and cheese.
Fresh fruits and vegetables.
Meats of any kind, cold cuts, and sausages.
Seeds, grains, nuts, dried or dehydrated fruits.
Fruit plants, ornamental plants, ofrest plants or part of them: branches, cuttings, bulbs and others.

Flowers, dried flowers and garden plants. Soil.
Wood or barks.
Insects, snails and others. Bacteria and molds for scientific research. Bees, honey and beeswax.

Animal semen, biological products and veterinarian medicines.
Small animals and pets (dogs, cats, other). Birds.
Alive species, products or sub products from them, or elaborated from wild fauna.


Important Issues


To make a Sworn Statement which is not true is an offense and can be penalized with prison in minimum or medium grade (61 days to 3 years); to refuse to make the statement is sanctioned with a fine.


Inside this area, there are the taxis, public transportation buses and official minibuses counters. All these means are available for the passengers.


To see form Pays Duty - SAG





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