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For your safety, it is recommended to use the official transport offered by the Santiago airport.


How the service works:


The objective of the Vía Controlada (Controlled Route) project is to offer passengers arriving to the airport a safe, quality transportation service. Counters can be found within the passenger arrival areas that are focused on providing taxi services without needing any prior reservation.


The taxi offering includes Basic Taxis (painted black/yellow), which charge using a meter, and Tourism Taxis (painted blue), which have a fixed rate depending on the destination. Each passenger that hires a Taxi will receive a ticket with their destination information, reference rates and where to find their cab in Vía Controlada. Finally, at the taxi boarding area, passengers will be guided to their assigned cab by Maxximiza staff. Some of the novelties and advantages Vía Controlada has to offer passengers include:


• The transportation service passenger will know the reference rate before hiring the service, as well as the type of vehicle they will be riding and its license plate number.

• The taxi hiring service will be located before the exit gates for national and international passengers.

• There will be clearly outlined areas for each of the different transportation alternatives (Tourism/Executive/Basic).


Passengers may also make reservations directly with Taxi Companies or private cabs. Transportation services can be paid in cash and with credit or debit cards.



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